About the Nairang Foundation

The Nairang Foundation is named after Ghulam Bhik Nairang, an eminent Pakistani who was instrumental in championing Muslim rights in the time before the Indian subcontinent was partitioned, and who played an important role in the establishment of Pakistan. The Foundation aims equally to celebrate the lives and work of Pakistan’s founding fathers and leaders and commits itself to work towards realising the dreams of prosperity and harmony that they cherished for Pakistan through thought, words and actions.

Alongside a focus on remembering the great leaders of our past, the Nairang Foundation seeks to promote a healthy sense of patriotism in young Pakistanis by educating them not only of their nation’s past glories but also of means to contribute to its development and continued progress. We highlight worthy causes, particularly development-oriented charities and NGOs, and aim to build a community of like-minded Pakistanis focussed on leading Pakistan into the future.

We are keen to get feedback on how we might improve, or other organisations that we might be able to cooperate with. Please feel free to comment on the website, by emailing admin@nairang.org.

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