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On Shadow Cabinets

In the UK and several other countries, a ‘shadow cabinet’ is a group of opposition politicians who ‘shadow’ cabinet members, offering criticism and alternative policies, while simultaneously (presumably) learning the job. The notion of a shadow cabinet is appealing for several reasons. First, elevating certain members to a position of responsibility must surely be one […]

Senator Gravel, FairTax, and taxation in Pakistan

Senator Gravel, one of the Democratic presidential candidates, has been making some noise online recently. It’s pretty funny — I watched Robin Williams’ Man of the Year two days ago, and then yesterday, the video below was featured on Reddit. As you can see, Gravel does the closest impersonation of Williams’ character possible without losing […]

The Tipping Point of Corruption

I’ve just finished reading a very interesting book right now called ‘The Tipping Point’. It’s one of those paperbacks that management consultants take with them on flights, packed with anecdotes and research that not only backs up the book’s thesis, but zigs and zags through other topics as well. The central idea is interesting: that […]

Social Work Spotlight: CVBoosters

Atif Ali describes the fund-raising his organisation, CVBoosters, is doing on behalf of The Citizen’s Foundation. This really is a great idea, since it’s sustainable and rewarding for both volunteers and donors, which is certainly key to success!   They say that necessity is the mother of all invention; it’s strange just how true that […]


Whew, it’s been a while since I posted anything here. But fear not: I’ve got at least one interesting post lined up about a couple of enterprising young graduates who’ve found a great way to serve not only the community of Pakistani students at the LSE, but also contribute to The Citizen’s Foundation. Tune in […]

Ghulam Bhik Nairang’s obituary

The Daily Dawn, in its ’50 Years Ago Today’ feature, printed an obituary of Ghulam Bhik Nairang that mentions his prominence in Muslim political circles before partition, and his friendship with Allama Iqbal. For those with an interest, the excellent Jinnah of Pakistan website, an amazing compendium of information about the Quaid-e-Azam, tracks events in […]

About Ghulam Bhik Nairang

The Daily Dawn carried a piece by Syed Zafar Ali Shah a few years ago that spoke of G.B. Nairang’s great friendship with Allama Iqbal and included a short biography. I am reproducing it below. Iqbal, Nairang & Nadir Kakorvi August 21, 2002 Sometimes a writer provides a vital clue to his innermost thought in […]

Welcome to the Nairang Foundation blog

After many moons of inactivity and intermittent planning on what to do with the Nairang domain, I’ve decided the way to go right now is to set up a blog. This lets us (me and interested parties; contact me if you are one) thrash out what we want to do with the domain and the […]


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